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Jason Ma

Founder & CEO, ThreeEQ; Acclaimed Author, “Young Leaders 3.0”; Member, The B20/G20

Jason Ma is Founder and CEO of ThreeEQ, a family business. As the award-winning Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders, acclaimed author of “Young Leaders 3.0,” and star former Forbes contributor on Mentoring Young Leaders, Ma is renowned for preparing Next Gens in UHNW families for greatness while enhancing family and CEO legacies. With 40 years of seasoned experience in tech, education, finance, and other sectors, and 2+ million miles of world travel, Ma has masterfully guided numerous next-gen leaders, from Gen Z high schoolers to Gen X CEOs, 1-on-1, in achieving great outcomes—from Ivy League/elite college admissions to next-level family and business success, all with well-being.

As a Forbes Global CEO Conference by-invitation delegate for 8 years and beyond his unparalleled mentorship, Ma is a well-connected CEO/board advisor, strategist, rainmaker, and investor. In particular, he is Chief Business Officer and an investor at AdXero, a patented tech venture poised to disrupt and transform the massive 3-sided marketplace of consumers, brands, and distributors. Since 2014, Ma has served as a prominent member of the Business 20 (B20), the G20’s official forum with the global business community, contributing to policy recommendations on the future of work, employment, skills, human capital, and education for G20 Leaders and their governments. He is one of a select few Americans appointed as a B20 member through the G20 Presidencies of Australia, Turkey, China, Germany, Argentina, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, India, and Brazil (2024). Ma is also an influential voice on AI & digital transformation and trade & investment.

Ma’s inspirational thought leadership resonates through coverage in elite publications (e.g.,, Family Office, Fast Company, Impact Wealth, Wealth-X, Wealth Briefing, JustLuxe, Clientele Luxury, Agreus Groupand as a sought-after speaker at prestigious Family Office/investment, CEO/business, and education events (see list on Ma’s commitment to mentorship, tech innovation, and philanthropy (e.g., St. Jude/ALSAC Council member) firmly establishes him as a cornerstone of impact and legacy in the UHNW family, family office/investment, and CEO communities. A father of two compassionate Gen Z daughters, he and the Ma family (nicknamed the “MAfia”) value unconditional love, humor, and high standards in what matters. Ma holds a degree from UC Berkeley College of Engineering.