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Jonathan Northrup

CEO, Stingray Therapeutics Inc.

Jonathan P. Northrup is Cofounder and CEO of Stingray Therapeutics, a clinical immune oncology company started in 2016. Jon is also Cofounder of Iterion Therapeutics (Beta Cat Pharmaceuticals) an oncology company in phase 2 with Tegavivent, a precision therapy that inhibits cancer stem cells (tumor activator cells) started in 2010.  Also, a former CEO and CoFounder of Salarius Pharmaceuticals, a phase 2 cancer epigenetics company started in 2012. Jon is a current Board Member of Vasculonics, a biotech with organ protection therapies started in 2017. From 2007 through 2010, Jon was COO of Jubilant Innovation, Ltd., the Indian venturing arm of the Jubilant Life Sciences group.  Prior to 2007, Jon had served for three years as Managing Partner of Horizon Biotechnologies, LLC.  Horizon was dedicated to strategic consulting and business development focused on Asian service companies doing work for major pharmaceutical companies in the USA and Europe.  Jon is a published author with two works – The Pharmaceutical Industry section of “The Business of Healthcare Innovation”, Cambridge University Press, 2012 and 2005, and “Prescription Pricing in Chain and Independent Pharmacies”, University of Pennsylvania Press.  Jon achieved the SVP level at Eli Lilly and Company and worked in a variety of executive positions in Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Marketing and Sales.  Jon did over 40 collaborations with other pharmaceutical and biotech companies for Lilly and was on the launch team for Prozac, Axid, Humatrope, and Humulin.  Jon is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business (MBA, Finance) and Northwestern University (BA, Economics).

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